Remote Forensics

Our unique, patented architecture means that forensic imaging does not take place over a network. All processes are run directly on the remote hardware and only minimal data is actually transmitted over the connection. This makes the response lightning fast.

Works over any Network

Remote Forensics works over any network so you can respond to an incident on your corporate network via your 3G phone and perform full speed forensic processing of evidence on the other side of the world. This patented technology is designed for a variety of organisations and situations.

Comprehensive, Safe, Fast and Secure

You can disconnect from target system and leave processes – such as imaging or keyword searching – running. This makes it easy and convenient to respond to multiple targets simultaneously.

Industry Sectors

Remote Forensics is an architecture that can be deployed by a variety of industry sectors; a few are listed below:

  • Corporate organisations
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Military Organisations
  • Government bodies
  • Forensic companies
  • Managed service companies

Use existing tools

Remote forensics allows you to use your existing forensic tools more efficiently, providing:

  •     Reduced cost of response including travel, accommodation and carbon footprint costs
  •     Faster, more effective response
  •     Better, more efficient staff utilisation
  •     Ability to deploy multiple forensic, security and discovery tools from a single point

Remote Forensic Features

Everything starts with good controls and FIMS (Forensic Incident Management Server) is a web application at the heart of the Remote Forensics solution, acting as a bridge between the case manager, the forensic analyst and the remote target. It provides comprehensive forensic case management, control and reporting.

Fully Hosted or In House Solution

FIMs can be supplied as a Hosted Service or In-House Solution
Flexibility to configure and deploy to suite your organisation

Robust and Secure

User account controls and full audit trails

Case Management

Relationships between analysts, case managers, targets and 1st responders are fully managed by a Case Management System

Remotely Accessible

Accessible via the Internet or internal intranet and is accessed via HTTPS

No Data Stored

 FIMS does not store any data from the media under examination

Highly Secure

Very secure in its standard form FIMS can be secured to Government approved standards as required

More Information

Remote Forensics Brochure

Download the Remote Forensics brochure for more information.

Remote Forensics FAQ

Do I need any special equipment to have this solution?
One of the key strengths of Remote Forensics is that you can use any computer on any network from anywhere in the world to access a SPEKTOR Control Pod
Can we buy just one or two PODS?
What skills do I need at the POD location?
Do I access remote PODs from special computers?
How secure is this system?
Need enhanced security?
Will it run on my company network?
What tools can I use?
Can I share my screen with colleagues
Does the data under examination travel across the network??

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