Breathing Intelligence

Breathing Intelligence is a scalable, secure and highly customisable technology that uses SPEKTOR Control Pods in a hub and spoke topology to push the boundaries of connected intelligence even further.

Scalable & Secure

Scalable, secure and highly customisable technology that uses SPEKTOR Control Pods to provide fully connected intelligence.

Automated Analysis & Awareness

Harnessing the powerful forensic collection, automated analysis and secure communications capabilities of the SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence platforms, Breathing Intelligence creates an automated, intelligence driven risk awareness and alert network.

Reduce Delays

SPEKTOR Breathing Intelligence can dramatically reduce the delay between data collection and actionable intelligence by automatically identifying and pushing critical data from target devices into central support systems.

Higher Efficiency

Connecting SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence units to a Breathing Intelligence network enables the use of existing intelligence and entity mapping tools to achieve faster results, more efficiently and at lower costs than previously possible.

Core Features


Scalable with SPEKTOR Units
Highly Customisable

Alert Network

Automated Analysis
Risk Awareness

Reduce Delays

Push Critical Data
Central Support System


Highly Secure System
Securely Push Data to SPEKTOR Systems

Efficient Collaboration

High Efficiency
Lower Costs

Supports Multiple Scenarios

Law Enforcement

More Information

SPEKTOR Breathing Intelligence Brochure

Download the SPEKTOR Breathing Intelligence brochure for more information.

SPEKTOR Breathing Intelligence

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